In July 1990, Ann Kim and Jim Gable formed a production and post-production company in their namesakes, Graying & Balding, Inc. They have produced and edited hundreds of TV commercials, music videos, television programs and concert films, many of them award winning.

Graying & Balding has successfully worked in the US and worldwide since 1990 producing music films for Sting, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Botti, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, as well as TV spots for McDonalds, Kraft Foods, Coca Cola, Gillette, and Toyota. They have won Clios, Monitor Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards. Their award-winning entertainment specials have been seen all over the world.


ANN KIM did undergraduate and graduate work in Art and Film at UCLA. She started and ran her own production company in Hollywood, producing documentary films and industrial presentations. Later she worked as a videotape editor, videographics designer and producer for various network programs, music projects and TV commercials. Currently she is the President of Graying & Balding, Inc.

JIM GABLE graduated from California Institute of The Arts where he studied video art and music composition. He worked in animation and computer graphics before becoming an award winning editor and director of commercials, music videos, live concerts, and short film projects.
As a director he has directed live broadcasts to 24 countries, pay-per-view specials, television programs for PBS, CBS, MTV, ABC, and VH-1, and in 1997 he received an International Monitor Award for Best Director.